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I’ve been working on new book covers for my 4-book series ‘Eye of the Ocean’. If you’re writer, you know how angst-laden that process is. So much depends on genre and the subcategories within that genre. The experts say the covers have to look like every other book out there – the comfort zone for the prospective reader – while still grabbing their attention.  

This series falls under the category of ‘new’ space opera. Character-driven, loads of aliens and worlds, with the ‘new’ meaning less emphasis on blow-by-blow description of the battles. 

The first three books will be published mid-2023 as second editions; the fourth book is just coming out of first draft stage and deals with the events leading up to the first three books.  This last book was a lot of fun to write and gave me an opportunity to expand on peoples and technology I just touched on in the first three books. 

The color for the covers is based on the painting Immortal Peach, by Hyunsook Cho, found in The Designer’s Guide to Global Color Combinations by Leslie Cabarga. Something drew me to the muted peach and teal colors.

As marketing will be focused on the first book, I might swap the face out with a space ship so readers can identify it as science fiction right off.