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Welcome to another universe…

If you enjoy the epic character-driven stories of C.J. Cherryh and Joan D. Vinge, these book are for you.

Spanning galaxies and inhabited by a myriad of different peoples, the Empire of the The Eye of the Ocean series is a deliberate creation, a bubbled-off area of space that is essentially static, reverting back to the original pattern when the tension between Empire and the surrounding universe becomes too great.  

But over millions of years, even small differences can create large changes – on both sides. 

Ulanda failed at the only thing she ever wanted: to be an Empire priest, part of the ruling hierarchy and in harmony with the underlying patterns that make up Empire. Garm lost the woman he had no choice in loving, the Empress Cassa. Through Garm, Ulanda has a second chance. Their choices will determine the fate of Empire.

The first three books of the Eye of the Ocean series are due on Amazon by by Christmas and the fourth book soon after that. 


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